This is a personal project of mine, with which I will try to enhance my Spotify experience.

What I am interested to do with this project is to graph the artists/songs/genres I listen to over time and see if I have any types of listening cycles that I always thought I do have.

I also thought it would be an interesting feature to be notified when something I usually dont notice happen with my listening, maybe me listening to a really unpopular artist.

One thing that I cared about a lot is to keep track of the genres I am listening to. After some checks, Spotify almost never has any genres available for albums and doesn’t always have genres available for artists, so I will union that data with wikipedia data to try to find possible genres.

I will keep everything on Firebase since it will be the least hassle to keep track of.

Currently, what I have working is I am saving data on the songs I am listening to on Firebase. Spotify’s API doesn’t have a good listener to let me know when I’ve listened to a new song, so my DigitalOcean Droplet has a cron job that pull the API every minute.

Since I am taking some ML and AI classes next semester, I will try to encorporate data analytics stuff into it as well.

Now, this will run for a while until I run anything on it!

What did I use to build this?

Where can I find it?

You can find the code here

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