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Currently, the US has three branches of government, that each control and regulate each other. The founding fathers have worked hard to ensure that the people who rule this country will be held to strict standards and required constant overview. But after this years election, an important question comes up: if the Judicial branch is nominated by the Executive branch and agreed upon by the Legislative branch, and the Executive branch can be picked by the electoral college, where is the democracy everyone speaks of? The answer is in the Legislative branch since we the people can and must keep in check the people we elect to Congress. But, not everyone is knowledgeable about their state’s congressmen, those elections are not as popular, so there are fewer people watching it. For a healthy democracy, people must be educated about their government, and the government must understand what the people want.

What it does

Congressect is an app that allows people to get more educated about their legislative branch officials, and it provides an easy way to discuss what they do and what bills they pass. Additionally, Congressmen can see what the residents of their state think about the bills they pass: if they are acting as the voice of their state, they must understand what to convey!

What did I use to build this?

Where can I find it?

You can find the Devpost here and the code here

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